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Kind Words

A heart-felt collaboration of testimonials from Karey’s students, friends and clients.

Karey is an eloquent storyteller and weaves beautiful themes throughout her classes. Her classes are challenging with safe, thoughtful modifications always provided. Karey’s lovely spirit shines through and her sense of humor is infectious!


Karey is a teacher who really cares and prepares for her classes. She always has a thoughtful message and she challenges me, and yet I also feel nurtured at the same time. I always look forward to her classes!


Karey’s yoga classes are creative, supportive, challenging and peaceful. Karey leads class with grace and strength and encourages and uplifts every student who comes to her class.


I love coming to Karey’s classes because even when she is teaching a room full of students, I feel like I (along with everyone else in the room) am given permission and space to be deeply present and centered within my own asana practice. She also has a tricky way of working us hard while keeping the class soft, flowing, and inviting.


As the owner of a yoga studio that has the honor of hosting Karey’s yoga classes, I say with complete confidence, she provides one of the most heartful, inspiring and skilled classes on our schedule. Our students adore her and I am filled with gratitude to have her as part of our yoga community!

Beth, Studio Owner

I look forward to spending time on my mat with Karey’s inspirational guidance. Her wisdom and personality are naturally integrated into each of her classes with true authenticity. I love the stories that she weaves into each class, and her gentle, humble expertise that inspire transformation for my personal practice.